NetScouters is a platform that utilizes blockchain technology and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to measure the performance of athletes, especially in football and basketball. The platform awards performance tokens to athletes based on their performance in each match. These performance tokens serve as a measure of the athlete’s success and value, thereby increasing the value of the NFT token representing the athlete. Investors have the opportunity to acquire and own these NFT tokens, enabling them to participate in the athlete’s success and future earnings. This allows fans of all kinds to invest in athletes from their favorite clubs, fostering the democratization of football from the grassroots level. NetScouters aims to inspire change, break paradigms, and promote a more universal, social, participatory, and balanced approach to sports.


The project on the platform in the real world has started with football and we are generating the Big Data of the players that are being evaluated by the community. Very soon we will start with Tennis and Padel where we currently have a community of almost two million users/players  only in Italy for the moment. We have other sports planned in our roadmap such as Basketball, American Football, Baseball.