Platform for youth sport clubs and academies

Empower youth sports clubs and academies with the sports technical management platform. Access game videos, summaries, automated statistics, and tracking of sports talent to improve the detection and development of young sports athletes.


NETSCOUTERS is a platform for youth sport clubs and accademies, that uses BigData, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain for the detection, technical management and monitoring of young sports talents. The platform uses different technologies and automations to be able to monetize technical contents in a social network environment and combining the interests of professional clubs with their fans, affiliate academies, brands and sponsors.


Decentralized Football Investments

Decentralized Football Investments

We believe that every promising athlete deserves the opportunity to pursue their professional career and every small investor should be able to back an athlete they believe in. Unfortunately, professional sport today has a high entry barrier – both for athletes and small investors. Especially up-and-coming athletes at the outset of their professional careers face a lot of issues related to funding their training and participation in events across the globe. Also, many sports clubs and other sports organizations deal with severe financial and liquidity issues.

Young Players Performances

Young Players Performances

Analyze teams, matches and players; discover new talents; promote your players; learn by the best. Everywhere, from your desktop, tablet or mobile.

Validate And Empower Youth Players’ Skills

Validate And Empower Youth Players’ Skills

Use Advanced Search to find, analyze and compare players.

Try Talent Center to browse through thousands of young football players and find who the next football star is!

Create customized lists of players and better organize your work.


Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can evaluate and mange all your club’s players performance and statistics. Platform’s mobile version allow anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection records players, evaluate them, record club matches and participate in this global football marketplace.

Ai Automated Camera Production And Video Streaming Platform NETSCOUTERS TV

NETSCOUTERS platform use an AI AUTOMATED CAMERA PRODUCTION for match and player performance recording. Platform will integrate video streaming technology (NETSCOUTERS TV) that can allow Amateur Clubs to have their own channel (pay per view or streaming) that create contents. Monetize their content behind a paywall, integrate Google DFP for advertisement insertion, or gather valuable data from viewers using lead capture.

NETSCOUTERS TV can get Amateur Club fans to the game from anywhere in the world.Platform helps Amateur club to engage fans beyond the big game through press conferences, athlete interviews, behind-the-scenes video, and more.

Football Market Place

In the NETSCOUTERS marketplace brands and sports sponsors will be able to sell their products directly to our community, which will be made up of millions of people from all over the world.

Our platform will be open for all that Brands of sports equipment, but also for other different products such as construction and maintenance of sports infrastructure, rental of vehicles for transporting the teams, petrol, bills payment etc.

Every transaction will be done directly from club /player wallet to brands wallet in our tokens.

Netscouters Market Place

With NETSCOUTERS platform Clubs will get extraordinary results. What opportunity could the club identify? They can manage a budget that allows them to cover costs such as:


Official Equipment

Infrastructure Maintenance


Compensation Coach Expenses

And All That Daily Based Activities That Are Generating Costs


Football for Children, Football for Everyone.

Football is not a matter of privileges, but of rights. As accredited by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, football is a universal language of millions of people around the world, including children and adolescents, regardless of their place of origin, language they speak or religion to which they belong.

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